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Our history

Talleres Sanper was founded

Talleres Sanper was founded by Julio Pérez and Francisco Sánchez.

It started as a naval repair shop specializing in welding.

It quickly increased its business units including mechanical and mechanized repairs.

Posteriormente la empresa incrementó sus capacidades incluyendo las reparaciones por soldaduras especiales y aumentando el parque de maquinaria.

Naval Technical Contracts

The second company in the group, Contratas Técnicas Navales (CTN) specialized in ship propulsion systems (propellers, rudders, servo-rudders, tail shafts, maneuvering propellers, stabilizers, etc.) was created.

New business units

The company was established in its current location within the Port of La Luz and Las Palmas with a total area of ​​2400 m2. New business units were added (Turbocharger repairs, Renewables, etc.). It was expanded to the civil and aeronautical industry.

Contratas Auxiliares Canarias

The third company of the group was born: Contratas Auxiliares Canarias (CAC). Auxiliary repairs for both the naval and industrial sectors.

New workshop opening

The group opens another workshop of approx. 2400m2 within the Port of Las Palmas focused on welding and boilermaking repairs, as well as the manufacture of metal structures and pipes of all kinds.

New investor entry

New investor takes over the Group. Change in the Group's Technical and Financial Management.

Today the group is made up of 3 companies: SANPER + CTN + CAC

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